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Janice Baylis


The following two abridged chapters from Janice Baylis’s new book demonstrate by numerous examples how dreams may be put into practical application. Janice began working with dreams in an A.R.E. Study Group, then found further opportunities for applying dreams in her role as schoolteacher, and has now written some quite practical self-instructional material. See page 232 of this issue of Sundance for a review of her other book, Dream Dynamics and Decoding. Readers may obtain a complete copy of Sleep on It! (255 pp.) for $4.95, direct from the author at P.O. Box 5084, Huntington Beach, CA 92646.


Nightwatchman on Duty

Our unconscious mind is always aware of the cellular condition of our body and of where our health habits are taking us. Obviously, what we take into our bodies—food, booze, or otherwise—has a big effect on our health. In self-defense the body-consciousness sends us dreams of guidance about our diet.

A young woman had recently gone to work and acquired the coffee-break habit. Her body objected to the nervousness created by too much caffein. Her dream:

I walk into my dining room (shows that the area of concern is food intake). In the middle of the floor is a chicken brooder shaped like a very large coffee pot. On top the pot is smoking a cigarette. All of the baby chicks die. I feel sad about the dying chicks.

While recording the dream in her journal, she could easily see the meaning. For her body coffee was bad, as bad as cigarettes are for most people; she was a non-smoker. Coffee was killing the life, the new cell growth that should be hatching in her body.

Copyright © 1976 by Janice Baylis. Reprinted by permission. Sleep on It! is published by DeVorss & Co.

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