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E. Robert Keller, 2nd
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania


    Here's an instructive dream interpretation, showing
that   there   is  a   personal,   an   impersonal   and   a
transpersonal  dimension  to our  struggles with those
unacceptable  "others"  we  encounter  in  our dreams.
Mr.   Keller,    who    works    teaching    computers   to
understand  English,  is  in   training   as   a   Jungian


     I  have  chosen  to  discuss  this  particular dream  for
several reasons, not  the least of  which  is  that  it seems
to be a fairly complete, self-contained image. The dream
is a homily on the merits of  confronting  daily problems
But   it   has,  like  many   dreams,  another    level  which
speaks  to  a  more general,  archetypal  theme. This  one
concerns  dealing  with  a complex—the Shadow—which
is running amuck. It seems to contain a methodology for
recognizing,  pacifying  and  redeeming  such  a complex.

The Dream

     The dream  is  presented with only its own context for
reference. Several other dreams and counseling sessions,
however, were drawn upon  for insights  into its  meaning


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