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Henry Reed

     A  dream  shield   is   a  mosaic  made  from  personal
dream symbols, unified within the space of a circle. One
value  of  a  dream  shield  is that  by collecting  symbols
from  several  different  dreams, you can  rise  above the
vision  of the single dream and begin  to see the story of
your symbolic life  as a whole. Also, the visual nature of
the    dream    shield    provides    a    potent   focus    for
contemplation   and  further  opportunity  for you  to  be
moved  by  the  consciousness-transforming energies of
your dreamsymbols.
     Here  I  present an approach  to making dream shields
based on the theme and pattern of "the four directions."
     What do you  find within  yourself at each of the four
corners of the world? What is your understanding of the
four sacred directions  and how do you interpret them in
terms   of  your  own  life?    What  symbols   from  your
dreams  would  you  choose  to  represent  your feelings
about the meaning of "north, south, east and west"?
     Try making  a  dream  shield  that  portrays  your own
symbolic    orientation    and    relation    to    the    "four
directions." That is, pick symbols from your dreams that
you think reflect these  four archetypal  quadrants of the


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