In 2004, Henry presented a Past-Life Therapy Training Intensive that was organized by a group of his graduates. It was very successful, and we received many complementary letters.

Henry will be presenting four Past-Life Therapy Training Intensives in 2006 and 2007. I will be acting as the registrar and will answer any calls and e-mails. Henry will present the entire trainings. Our staff of volunteers will help as usual, and Marjorie will organize the practicums.

The tuition remains the same---- a great value for attendees. The training manual is completely updated to include the latest research.

The training includes many bonuses such as:

    • The availability of International Board Certification through the International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT). www.ibrt.org
    • An updated training manual.
    • Free posters and many handouts.
    • Evening programs presented by professionals in the field.
    • Sharing and networking with like-minded people.
    • 5x7 class photo.
    • Certificate breakfast
    • The "Come as You Were in a Past Life" PARTY. (Some have said it was the best party they had ever attended!)

All of the above are included in the price of tuition. The training is open to anyone who has a sincere desire to help others. It is not intended for the student's personal therapy.

Please encourage your friends and colleagues to attend. They will surely thank you. Since word-of-mouth is our only advertisement, we appreciate your help in spreading the word. Please write, call, or e-mail if you would like additional brochures. Thank you!

Past Life Therapy Training Intensives

Joan Bolduc, Registrar
Phone- 276-655-4523
E-mail- joanbolduc@ls.net

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