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Healing Tape:
Holistic Hypnosis for Health and Happiness
(Audio Cassette).....$9.98

Holistic hypnosis is a magnificent inner adventure intended for self healing. It provides guidance toward optimal physical health, mental well-being, emotional fullfillment, financial balance and spiritual harmony.

Holistic hypnosis is the use of self-hypnosis as an instructional guide enabling the nurturing of one's life through positive and uplifting processes that encourage the body, mind and spirit to heal itself. These processes go beyond the limits of our physical selves -- that dimension which we recognize in physicality -- to explore greater realities. This holistic hypnosis cassette tape can enhance and enrich the healing process for all individuals.


What is holistic healing all about?

Holistic healing covers the whole range of healing modalities. It also refers to healing the whole person, not just fragmented parts.

Edgar Cayce is recognized as the Father of the Holistic Healing movement. His well-documented body of work covers 43 years of active research and application.

You don't have to be sick in order to experience healing. Healing is a natural, on-going process. The goal of holistic healing is the development of a "wellness partnership" that can lead to better physical health, mental well-being, emotional fulfillment, financial balance, social skills, and spiritual harmony.

Physical Health
Financial Balance
Mental Well-Being
Social Skills
Emotional Fulfillment
Spiritual Harmony

Holistic hypnosis is the use of hypnotherapy as a tool and a discipline to enable you to heal and nurture your life. It is an integrative therapy that combines the various parts of life into a meaningful whole. The term holistic involves healing the whole person, including all the interrelated aspects that support and maintain the more obvious systems of the body. It goes beyond the limits of the physical body into the heart of a deeper reality - healing the past, cherishing the present, and building the future.

Holistic hypnosis is also self-hypnosis, a self-guided healing of the whole person. It is a key to realizing the amazing capacity of your body, mind, and spirit to self-heal when given the proper environment and motivation.

Henry Leo Bolduc recently produced a cassette tape to help you heal all aspects of your life. The tape contains two self-hypnosis sessions. The cassette, with full instructions, is available for only $9.98 (plus tax and handling) from:

Adventures Into Time
P.O. Box 88
Independence, VA 24348

Self-Hypnosis: Creating Your Own Destiny
In three easy steps you can create your own self-help tapes. There is no limit to what you can do! 10th printing. Quality paperback, 190 pages, $9.95

The Journey Within
Past-life regression and channeling. A fascinating journey into our deepest memories.
Quality paperback, 299 pages, $12.95

Life Patterns, Soul Lessons and Forgiveness
Ever feel that you're repeating the same patterns in your life? Those patterns could have roots which extend far into the past, deep into the psyche.
Quality paperback, 300 pages, illustrated, $14.95

Life Patterns --The Video
Highlights from the Life Patterns workshop.
Video cassette, $24.95

Healing the Past -- Building the Future
Side 1: "Discovering the Healer Within." Everyone has healing potential and healing gifts.
Side 2: "Your Extraordinary Journey Through Time" is our newest session for age-regression, past-life exploration, and future progression. Progression is the history of your future!
Audio cassette tape, $9.98

Embracing your Eternal Child
Side 1: "Embracing Your Eternal Child" helps you connect with that innocent and wonderful child within, to experience the incredible healing power of love.
Side 2: "Inspired Writing or Drawing." Write Messages from your Healer-in-Residence, Your Financial Advisor, your Inner Jester, and your Higher Self.
Audio cassette tape, $9.98

Pack Your Bags
Side 1: "A Journey Through Time." Embark upon a journey of self-discovery and self enlightenment.
Side 2: "The Treasures of Your Past", to touch and to recover the tangible treasures hidden in your memory.
Audio cassette tape, $9.98

Your Book of Life
Side 1: "Ideals -- The Authentic You." Ideals are a practical standard of excellence.
Side 2: "Journey to the Hall of Records." Put your ego aside and attune to the universal source.
Audio cassette tape, $9.98

Your Gift to Humanity
Side 1: "Public Speaking." Use self-hypnosis to become an excellent speaker.
Side 2: "Teaching and Learning." Your mind is your most valuable resource. Use this tape to train your mind to use more of its vast potential.
Audio cassette tape, $9.98

Your Creative Voice
Learn how to reach out through writing and speaking. This hands-on, how-to book gives practical information on conducting workshops. Whether you want a career in workshop presentation or just want to speak occasionally, this book is sure to help.
Quality paperback, 209 pages, illustrated, $14.95

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