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Lois Gateney

Wilmington, Delaware


The following story, compiled by Ms. Gateney from several of Herb’s letters to our Journal, shows how a person can learn on his own to work with his dreams, especially when there is a willingness to be of help to others with the knowledge gained. Herb’s story is also of interest in relation to Reed’s and Van de Castle’s reports (see Sundance, Winter 1978,11(1), pp. 100-111) that people can dream information that is helpful to another person. If you have had similar experiences with dreams, would you share them with Sundance readers? If you have found that your dreams sometimes seem helpful to another person, please see the notice on page 282.

"I seem to step into someone else’s shoes in my dreams. "With this simple statement, Herb Lee describes his ability of dreaming for other people. "It is very difficult, however," he continues, "to understand the dream symbology involved without knowing a little something about the person for whom I am dreaming." Another person’s symbology appears to merge with Herb’s own in his dreams, as he shares his ability to dream for others. His own symbology is directly related to the person for whom he is dreaming and achieves a fuller meaning when the dream is shared.

And how did this come about? Well, like all of us, Herb has his fair share of this world’s problems, and like the rest of us on the rocky path of spiritual development, he needed help.

In March 1967, Herb began to remember dreams spon- taneously and to awake in the middle of the night to record them. Prior to that time, he had remembered only a few dreams and had thought them silly and ridiculous and without any pertinent meaning. Suddenly he was convinced by an inner, illogical feeling that he should record them, since he now recalled dreams every night. At first, he did not realize that his recall  of  dreams was  a  direct answer  to his prayers

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