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The Sundance Community Dream Journal, as an experimental publication, is attempting to bring together dreamers, dream researchers and educators to cooperate in a creative and applied manner to satisfy their curiosity about dreams and to develop a working understanding of what may lie beyond the doorway dreams provide.

Dreams have a reputation for leading people into speculative, "occult" matters. One of the most frequent anomalies that the observer of dreams confronts is the seeming occurrence of "prophetic" dreams. This curious fact is examined in several of the articles in this issue of our Journal. Dreams also hint at the possibility of life after death and even go so far as to attempt to depict the nature of the after-death state, as you’ll see.

Dreams have a way of portraying the psychic "truth" about a number of things. The "Spinning Dream Wheel" is a testimony to that fact. The Journal continues to endorse artistic expression of dreams and experimentation with aesthetic approaches to the meaning of dreams. In these pages you’ll find several examples of visual arts and creative writing that enhance the meaning of dreams. Try it yourself—a few exercises are presented for your use—look for them.

Besides being valuable for their aesthetic truth, dreams quite frequently have a practical value, too. "Sleep on It!" the first article in this issue, presents many cases of the practical application of dreams. Ideas presented there are then further amplified in many of the articles that follow.

Being practical about dreams also means collecting facts and evaluating evidence. This issue of our Journal contains five reports of research investigations made on dreams. Two of  them  concern the  attempt to detect  a healing  process at

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