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The Sundance Community Dream Journal, as an experimental publication, is attempting to bring together dreamers, dream researchers and educators to cooperate in a creative and applied manner to satisfy their curiosity about dreams and to develop a working understanding of what may lie beyond the doorway dreams provide.

Remembering our dreams presents an opportunity for communication between our standards waking consciousness and the Unknown. A dream journal provides an ongoing context for this dialogue. This issue of our Community Dream Journal is dedicated to exploring the dimensions of dialogue as a method of internal communication, as a channel of inspiration from the Unknown into the social community, as well as a tool for dreamwork. The growing interest in dialogue methods of dreamwork represents a shift in dream psychology from an earlier attitude of scrutiny and analysis to a more direct involvement and relationship between the dreamer and the dream. This development has been fostered in part by the dreamers themselves, who have recently taken a more active interest in dream psychology. Our Community Dream Journal supports such a dreamer-oriented approach while simultaneously providing a context for research and education that will integrate the subjective and objective dimensions of our relationship with dreams. Here's a brief glance, then, at the dialogue theme as it appears throughout the context of this issue of the Journal.

For a demonstration of how a living and inspirational relationship with dreams can be initiated by an active willingness  to   dialogue   with   the  source  of  dreams,   see

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