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Alissa Goldring
Menlo Park, California


     Here  is  a  description  of  a relatively  simple,  but
quite revealing, method for working with dreams in a
dream journal. For those of  you who have  requested
ways of  working with  dreams when  you have limited
time,  "dreamlanguage"  is   a  technique  which,  once
mastered  in   a  dream  journal,   can  easily  be  done
mentally  while  driving  to  work.  Alissa presents this
method    within    an   overall   approach    to  dreams
involving  different  tools. Basic  to her philosophy of
life and dreams, and especially evident in her method
of  dreamlanguage, is  her concept of "doing  myself,"
an  expression  for  assuming  responsibility for one's
experience in life.
     At  a  recent session  of  Atlantic University,  Alissa
shared  with  us her  many methods of creative dream
work  as  well   as  her  zestful  art  of  living.  Already
an  accomplished  artist,  a  practicing  healer  and  a
grandmother, Alissa is now  a graduate student at the
Humanistic Psychology Institute.  This article  is  part
of  a  book  she  is  writing  for  her Ph.D. dissertation
on bringing dreams into everyday life.

     Sometimes I feel that I've been playing a game of hide
and   seek  with  myself:  I  conceal   and   dreams  reveal.
Dreams say to me, "Pause and listen. Turn your attention
to  what  is  going on in you—how you are actually living


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