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     Welcome to  a circle  of  dreamers!  The  Ideal  of our
circle is that through our dreams we realize that Each and
All are One.  And perhaps,  if  our dreamwork is practical
and well applied, we can also live that realization.
     The  Sundance Community  Dream  Journal,  in  this
its second  issue, continues  in  the spirit  of  its  original
intention of being  an  experimental publication. What  is
the experiment?  On  the  practical level  it is to discover
whether  a  journal  can  be  created  that brings dreamers,
dream   researchers   and   dream   educators  together  to
cooperate  in  a creative  and  applied  manner  to  satisfy
their  curiosity  about  dreams—and  about what  may  lie
beyond the doorway dreams provide.
     We have cause  to be optimistic about  the success of
the experiment.  Not simply because  the response to the
first  issue  has been enthusiastic—and  it has—but more
because  we  are  finding   that  our  subscribers,  whether
their1 interest  in  dreams  be  personal,  professional  or
both, are eager to participate in this cooperative venture.
     Let's  take  a  quick  preview  of  the  contents  of  this
second issue. The guiding question that helped determine
the content was, "How can we share dreams;  how can we


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