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The process of holistic self-hypnosis involves relaxation and a guided process for engaging the unconscious or inner mind to provide information and guidance and to produce positive changes. Holistic self-hypnosis integrates several dimensions of perception, not only the physical senses such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic, but spontaneous transpersonal feelings and experiences. This dynamic process transforms the goal of hypnosis to embrace each individual as a whole person, rather than the “smoker,” “dieter,” “insomniac,” or “victim.”

The subconscious mind controls all bodily functions, harbors all memories and causes us to act out those ideas, thoughts, or images that are transformed into conviction through imagination and belief. Hypnosis facilitates access to the constructive use of imagination and enables us to build a better reality. In this way, hypnosis becomes a magnificent inner adventure for self-healing. It opens a pathway for guidance toward optimal physical health, mental well-being, emotional fulfillment, financial balance and spiritual harmony. Since improving the state of the whole self is the goal of hypnosis as discussed in this article, the term “holistic” is justifiably applied to the approach detailed below.

Many people assume that pretending is something childish, phony, or undesirable. In truth, pretending is a valuable process of creation. Words and phrases like “constructive imagination,” “positive thinking,” “visualization,” and “faith” may be used as an alternate way of presenting the idea of pretending. When we pretend that something will happen, what we pretend has a far better chance of manifesting than when we don’t imagine anything at all. The mind is the builder. If we pretend or imagine that something is already accomplished, the inner mind perceives it as accomplished, and we tend to respond accordingly.

The concept that we first envision is not new: create a dominant thought and then manifest our own destiny. The self-help approach that brought many people to the hypnotherapy field initially can be viewed holistically - a much larger context. This wider context consists of four distinct elements: definition, application, healing, and contentment. Definition is the personal process of intimate self-assessment that defines reality for the individual. Application is the means to manifesting the definition. Healing is the result of this process and can be physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, or financial. Contentment is the acceptance, with inner peace and satisfaction, of the process by the individual.

Educational research, after examining the learning process, defined multiple intelligence theories that delineate various styles in which individuals experience, comprehend, and retain information. In other words, each person learns and develops in unique ways. Some generalizations can be drawn from intelligence potential, learning modes, patterns, or styles. Individuals who thrive in interpersonal relationships and social activities for learning may be described as the interpersonal or social learners. Others find value in time spent in quiet contemplation and deep thought. Those are the intra-personal learners. They are willing to “sleep on it” before accepting a reality. Those learners are often avid dreamers and regular mediators. They need to go within to make decisions.

People who learn visually like to “see” things or to look at what they are processing.  Even with their eyes closed, the visual learner can see pictures and scenes via the image center of the mind. The process of recording, storing, and playing-back visual impressions, is easy for them.  People who learn primarily through the auditory style hear things externally like listening to a speaker. In essence, they listen to their “inner voices.” Those people tend to enjoy music, excel at foreign languages, and memorize easily. They can record, store, and play-back words, stories and sounds. Kinesthetic learners are the “hands-on” people. They learn through doing. They are in “touch” with life, putting things together and making them work. Kinesthetic learners often display strong emotions. Those are just a few examples of intelligence potentials. Some individuals integrate all of those styles depending upon the circumstances. Others rely primarily on one, but are secondarily            influenced by some combination of the other styles.

The wonderful discoveries afforded through the journey of holistic self-hypnosis may be expressed through the various intelligence potentials. Visually oriented travelers often keep a written journal or they document their holistic adventure through drawings or other creative art forms. Interpersonal learners prefer to participate in discussion groups to share their discoveries. Intra-personal learners create personal spaces in their homes for meditation or dedicate places in natural settings to contemplate their new holistic realities. Kinesthetic learners create a dance or ritual movements to express commitment and dedication to the holistic process. All learners can combine and develop a means of expressing their journeys and their healings.

Those who wish to experience the holistic self-hypnosis journey may want to keep in mind that trust is the key to the door of the higher mind and appreciation makes opening the door easier. An attitude of thankfulness for all that is received will contribute to and is essential for growth and fulfillment on the journey along the pathways of life.

In holistic self-hypnosis, the individual perceptions, thoughts, dreams, and awareness of the person blend together. They become integrated harmoniously, synergistically creating a single Self greater than the various parts. The physical is seen as happy, healthy, vibrant, and radiant. The emotional is peaceful, thankful, and willing to give and to receive love. The financial has witnessed monetary healing, definition, and is balanced with generosity and financial intelligence. The spiritual has bonded all the parts together as a whole continuous flow of enlightenment. Holistic hypnosis provides guidance - a familiar pathway to heal the various parts of the individual — forming the whole Self.

In the following script, the inner mind is engaged for a dual purpose. First, imagination is employed to manifest positive outcomes in the areas of physical health, emotional fulfillment, financial balance, and spiritual harmony. Second, the profound depth and wisdom of the inner mind is tapped for inspiration and information to maximize the use of those talents that will be most helpful in healing all areas of life. Repeated use of this self-hypnosis approach will integrate the various parts of life and heal the whole person.

To begin this inner journey, position yourself so that you will be comfortable for a few minutes and will be able easily to keep pen or pencil on paper and write or draw at the appropriate limes. Even though you will be completely relaxed, you easily will open your eyes just wide enough to see and, when prompted, record your thoughts or describe your feelings. When prompted, write or draw whatever comes to mind, trusting your senses and accepting the first feelings, pictures or words that appear.

Close your eyes now and take several deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow the tension to begin to leave your body with each exhalation. Begin to move to a place of deep relaxation. As you begin to breathe deeply and naturally now, realize that healing is more than a goal: it is a journey.. It is a process, a truly enjoyable process and a magnificent adventure. The value of the journey is in the journey itself Experiencing the journey will take you beyond thinking to experiencing embracing all levels of your being.

Allow yourself now to open to this important work Remember a time when you really felt safe and comfortable. Bring back from your memory, the sensations associated with that time. Remember the place and the circumstances in full detail. Become aware of the sounds, colors, textures, and feelings associated with complete safety and harmony. With your eyes closed, feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

When you are relaxed and comfortable, do you allow yourself to dream or daydream? Can you imagine yourself entering your dream? Allow images, sounds and feelings to conic to you and take you lightly into your very being —feeling your connection with your self-your higher self -your higher mind.

Allow yourself to notice a tiny light within you as you are in this safe place. Notice how this light becomes brighter and brighter as it expands to encompass your entire being. Perhaps the light has colors within it. Maybe it is pure white. It might even pulsate in living rays of light and wonder. The light may extend beyond your physical body. This is the light of your true self. The divine light of your being. The light allows you to imagine, to learn and to grow in many new ways. The light illuminates you and opens the possibility for new discoveries and insights.

This light that now surrounds your very being allows you to imagine and to learn. Imagine yourself giving your mind a positive picture about an aspect of your life. Can you anticipate that what you plant now, is what you will harvest eventually? Even though, possibly, you consciously forget what you planted and when or where it was or for what reason, realize and appreciate the eternal truth that you can use your mind to improve your life by creatively sensing the way your life will improve.

You also can feel your connection with the light of your higher mind- your higher self. You can sense your inner wisdom and learn from that wisdom. You can begin by comparing your mind to the surface of a quiet pond. My voice is like a gentle breeze whispering in the trees along the shore. The pond remains quiet and still even though there is activity beneath the surface. Often, there is much happening beneath a still surface. The gentle surface conceals extraordinary depth — the depth of your inner wisdom.

As you continue to drift - deeper and deeper relaxed now, bathed in the divine light of your being, see yourself leisurely descending a set of stairs covered with a thick, white carpet that is like a cloud beneath your feet. Perhaps there is a brass handrail or a walnut banister. The stairs lead you to a comfortable room, a very safe place. While you are in that room, the outside world will stay outside. You can rest a minute and become aware of just how good you feel —free from all of the realities of the outside world and bathed in your divine light.

You are free to do whatever you wish to do at this time. You may wish to allow your conscious mind to drift. You don’t even have to make the effort to listen to my voice. It isn’t important what your conscious mind does now because your unconscious mind is here with me and it hears me and can respond in own time and its own way. At this time, you can go to whatever level of relaxation your unconscious mind wants you to go to in order to do the work you are going to do now.

Imagine yourself giving your mind a positive picture. In your creative imagination, sense yourself as having a powerful and creative mind Realize that you can use your mind to create a better life in a fashion similar to a light shining through a motion picture film onto a screen. Allow a scene to come into focus. Witness yourself nourishing your mind Imagine that you enjoy mental well-being and complete peace of mind Now, ask to connect with your higher mind Ask your higher mind to convey to you how you can utilize the higher mind to create the kind of life you want. Just write or sketch whatever you receive or perceive. Trust the thoughts, feelings or pictures that first come. (Pause for two minutes.) Now, rest your hand and rest your eyes. Relax and breathe naturally.

Now, imagine how important your body is to your physical health. Observe how the body enjoys fresh air, pure water, exercise, healthy foods, proper elimination, cleansing of pores, massage, or skeletal alignments. Imagine a healthy lifestyle, receiving nutrition for strength, rest, and deep, restful sleep. Look forward to your exercising to gain vitality and taking a sauna or steam bath to cleanse the skin. Sense yourself enjoying nature. Imagine yourself energic and vital. View yourself as healthy, happy, and enjoying lift to its fullest. Create a mental picture of rejuvenation: look younger with sparkling eyes and shiny hair, feel younger. Now ask to connect with your physical body. What does your inner healer say or convey to you? What guidance, feelings, or impressions are given to you? Make a note of the information. Write or sketch whatever you receive or perceive. Trust the thoughts, feelings or pictures that first come. (Pause for two minutes.) Now rest your hand and rest your eyes. Relax and breathe naturally.

In your constructive imagination, look forward to living in emotional balance and healing For instance, if you were ever hurt or angry, can you sense yourself learning to use that hurt or anger as a motivation for change? Transform yourself to forgive others and to forgive yourself Recognize emotional intelligence as a clear vision for your social and family life. In your mind’s eye, observe yourself as emotionally fulfilled and happy. You give and receive love and affection. You offer support and you receive it. This scene comes easily and is surrounded in light and pleasure. Now ask to connect to your emotional being. Open to the thoughts, feelings, or impressions of your emotional life. Ask what you can do each day for emotional healing balance, and fulfillment. Make a note of this information. Write or sketch whatever you receive or perceive. Trust the thoughts, feelings or pictures that first come. (Pause for two minutes.) Now rest your hand and rest your eyes. Re/ax and breathe naturally.

Can you sense the connection between your finances and your mental, physical and emotional well-being? Imagine yourself living within your income. See yourself budgeting time and money as valuable resources and notice how this improves your over­all picture of life. Sense yourself living generously within guidelines of simplicity and financial intelligence. Imagine yourself deciding what you really want to do with your life. Create a clear picture in your mind’s eye of financial balance and economic healing. Sense yourself liking your work and producing a healthy income. Make the vision real. Envision yourself contributing fairly and generously to others. You may give of your time, your knowledge, and your prayers. Now ask to connect to your inner financial advisor. What guidance, counsel, or information can be given to you at this time. Ask your inner accountant .for impressions or information. Make a note of the information. Write or sketch whatever you receive or perceive. Trust the thoughts, feelings or pictures that first come. (Pause for two minutes.) Now rest your hand and rest your eyes. Relax and breathe naturally.

Now sense how you are connected with God and see God’s role in your daily life. Imagine your life as your religion and your temple. Affirm that how you live your life each day reveals who and what you really are. Focus your attention inward to your soulful place of deep imagination. Sense yourself living a spiritual life. Make it joyful and active and place yourself prominently at its center. Now create a new impression - ­an impression that nourishes your soul, illuminating you with happiness and fulfillment. Imagine that it is already true. You are spiritually centered. You live a life full of purpose - a life of service to God and to humanity. Now ask to connect with the highest source of your being — with the creative source of life. What is the highest guidance, wisdom, or counsel that you can be given at this time. What can you do on a daily basis to nourish your soul, to he fully vital and happy? Make a note of the information. Write or sketch whatever you receive or perceive. Trust the thoughts, feelings, or pictures that first come. (Pause for two minutes.) Now rest your hand and rest your eyes. Relax and breathe naturally.

Ask the various aspects of your being to work together in a meaningful whole. By working together, the parts create harmony a oneness that is greater than the various parts. Ask for and receive a few words or a short sentence that encapsulates this oneness, this healing at all levels of your being. Now write or print those wordy. (Pause for one minute.)

Allow yourself to enjoy al/that you have accomplished. Thank your mind, your body, your emotions, your financial advisor and your spiritual guidance. Allow healing to occur each day and at every level of your being.

When you are ready, slowly come back to a fully alert state. Open your eyes and smile. Physically stretch -- you have stretched. You have embraced a new level of thinking, healing, and holistic living. You are fully alert now and completely refreshed. Set aside your writings and sketches for a few days or weeks before reading and examining them. Later, when you examine them, realize that they are sacred gifts from your inner mind and your higher self.

The goal of holistic self-hypnosis is to involve the whole self in the creation of a “wellness partnership” that can lead to physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual harmony. This approach enables us to integrate our various “intelligence potentials,” and to apply learning styles to experience positive results. It is known as healing. Holistic self-hypnosis also leads to a better understanding of ourselves as individuals and as a universal consciousness.

Healing is a natural on-going process. One does not have to be “sick” to experience holistic healing. Holistic healing is a win-win process that encourages limitless self-potential. Holistic self-hypnosis is for the therapist as well as for the client - ­healer heal thyself.


The holistic self-hypnosis script presented in this article may be used freely for personal or professional purposes.


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