Increasing Your Income
Increasing Your Income
Henry L. Bolduc

What is your current motivation?

Are you looking for more clients or do you want more income? Although related, there is a distinction. One could have large numbers of clients, but still have a financial lack. Then again, one could have relatively few clients and be financially comfortable.

What is you real need?

Is it more money you need? Could you life within your current income by changing your lifestyle? The answers to these questions could serve as the impetus for you to develop long-range goals that may prove to be successful financially.

Are you looking for more income?

Begin searching the many avenues open to you. Be creative. You could offer to facilitate seminars (e.g., stress management) for businesses. Such presentations would benefit both management and you, and could lead you to further options.

Are you seeking more clients?

Word of mouth and advertising are the most popular avenues to pursue. Of the two, word-of-mouth is the more effective and it's FREE!

Look for clients through referrals

Some referrals come from doctors, schools, and various organizations. Offer to talk at civic and educational events. People hearing your presentation will become interested in making an appointment with you because they feel a connection.

Seek professional advice

Consult a financial advisor or someone who actively works with small businesses. A trained specialist can detect areas where you can lower expenses and make significant improvements in your work. Best of all, an outsider can identify your strengths and income potential. Sometimes you can receive such services free or at a lower cost through various national organizations.

Use self-hypnosis

Consider using the same tools that you use in your profession to help others. Use self-hypnosis for your own financial betterment. Make positive programming tapes and use creative visualization exercises. Instill business success into your subconscious mind. Make it a reality!

Update your sills

Have you kept pace with research in your field? Do you know about the various successful techniques employed by your colleagues in other cities and in other countries? The need to update one's professional and business skills is subtle and profound.

Think about the methods you are using now. Are they outdated? Do you really believe that YOU are the main force in your sessions? Are you ego-driven rather than service-oriented?

Such real questions require honest answers. Our field is changing dramatically. What worked twenty years ago, even ten years ago, has run it's course. Update your thinking and update your skills.

Be holistic

Let people know that you are in the business to serve them. Hypnosis is a profession that can help people improve every area of their lives. It is termed holistic, meaning physical health, mental well being, emotional fulfillment, financial balance, and spiritual harmony.


If your practice is limited to consultation with clients, consider teaching hypnosis classes. If you only teach classes, consider scheduling clients.


There is something profound that you can do to help both yourself and your clients. You can PRAY. Prayer is important for everyone. If you sincerely pray for guidance and wisdom, you will find your sessions more productive.


Directly related to prayer is acting on the guidance you receive. Self-motivation and self-initiative are needed. If you avoid acting because you are afraid of making a mistake, then in your fear you will fail to do anything. Try new approaches, stretch a little, be willing to experiment. "It is the TRY that is more often counted as righteousness and not the success or failure" - Edgar Cayce.

Be thankful

What does thankfulness have to do with business success? Everything! The concept of thankfulness can be exceedingly beneficial to your client base and to your income. Being successful in our profession requires professionalism, sincerity, appreciation, and thankfulness to those whom we serve. An attitude of gratitude benefits everyone. The people who find real pleasure and fulfillment are those with a spiritual vision and a purpose rooted in service.

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