September 14-20, 2008

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Preparing for the Coming Shift in Consciousness


Study Notes

The Future Evolution of Consciousness



I. Storylines and Themes

            A storyline has an “arc,” describing a sequence of events that create, cause, or are involved with a process that evolves consciousness. “Return of the Goddess” is one such storyline. Themes are images/ideas that appear in the various prophecies about coming changes in consciousness. An example might be “an end of duality.”




II. Attributes of the New Consciousness

            Various sources describe the attributes of the new consciousness. A question arises: can we predict the future consciousness by looking at the consciousness of advanced souls, evolved beings? Or does the future hold in store for consciousness attributes not even imagined by those today who have evolved their consciousness?


III. Methodologies for Advancing Consciousness

            Many of the anticipated attributes of the future, evolving consciousness are seen in light of developments achieved by contemporary persons. Similarly, the methodologies that are used today for therapy, achieving transpersonal awareness and personal growth are applicable to developing one’s consciousness in the direction of future evolutionary trends. For example, non-dual awareness can come from meditation or a spontaneous breakthrough; psychic ability can come from having a near death experience or taking part in psychedelic therapy. The list below could contain most every growth technology that has anything to do with higher forms of creativity.


IV: Explorations of Extra-human, transpersonal or divine intervention

            Here we explore some of the ideas, theories, myths that suggest something other than human activity may be involved in the evolution of consciousness.


V. Sources of the Investigation

            How can we learn what the future holds for consciousness? Here we have the question of sources and methods of discovery, the question of how do we know what we know? To whom or what can we turn for information?

Reading List on The Future Evolution of Consciousness

(Name in Parentheses is the Person Summarizing the book)


The Story Lines: Historical transformations and Prophecies


·        Millennium Prophecies: Predictions for the Coming Century from Edgar Cayce. Mark Thurston


Qualities of the New Consciousness:






Divine (or External) Intervention: