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Scott Sparrow



Since the appearance of my testimony, "Developing Lucidity in My Dreams" (see Sundance, Fall 1976, pp. 4-17), and the publication of my booklet, Lucid Dreaming-Dawning of the Clear Light, I have received a number of letters and lucid dreams from interested readers. I consider it a blessing to have received such dreams, for in many cases they are inspiring and profound mystical experiences. In my opinion these dreams support the idea that lucid dreaming is happening to more and more people in our time, and is probably a growing potential in all of us.

The following dreams reflect many of the principles described in Lucid Dreaming and resemble in many cases the near-death experiences reported in Moody's Life After Life. This parallel between the lucid dream and the near-death experience has thus far been virtually unexplored. But it is likely that as our understanding of these similar phenomena increases, we may eventually arrive at the conclusion made by the Tibetan Buddhists centuries ago—that the lucid dream is a first step toward illumination, accepting death and optimizing the conditions for rebirth.

I leave a dark room (darkness frightens me) by opening a door into another room. A blast of light meets my eyes as I open the door. After my eyes adjust to the light, I see three women busily sewing away. I am frightened by them, but I gradually become aware of goodwill coming from them. Also I become aware that I am dreaming and that they are real. I begin saying in tones of great amazement, "You're real, you're real, aren't you!" They  nod  as if it is no big deal and continue

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