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Scott Sparrow


In November 1976, the Association for Research and Enlightenment sponsored a tour to the Middle East. During their stay in Egypt, the members of the tour were granted unprecedented permission by the First Inspector of Antiquities at the Giza Pyramids to sleep overnight in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The group regarded this experiment as an opportunity to test the idea voiced by Edgar Cayce and other metaphysicians that the Great Pyramid is perhaps an ancient temple of initiation, a catalyst for visions and other paranormal experiences.

Each pyramid dreamer was encouraged to use the Phrase- Focusing dream incubation technique (described by Gayle Delaney in the first issue of Sundance) to create an optimum state of receptivity. Various members of the group were interested not only in a personal concern but also in gaining information concerning the purpose of the Pyramid's construction.

After four days of experimentation, during which approximately 24 people slept in the Pyramid each night, 59 dreams were submitted. Several of these dreams reveal intriguing qualities, suggesting that the Pyramid was perhaps exerting a catalyzing influence on the dreamers.

The following dreams were selected to illustrate some of the most interesting themes which emerged in the Pyramid dreams. Note how the dreamer is often becoming aware of something new and significant, a higher being, or some unrealized potential within himself.

A doorway on the east side of the King's Chamber has been broken open because there is rubble all around. I see workmen passing back and forth in grey jumpsuits.

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