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JOURNEY OF A DREAM ANIMAL. Kathleen Jenks. New York: Julian Press, 1975. (Also available from Pocket Books.)

Today many people seek wholeness by consciously turning to their dreams; yet Kathleen, the Dream Animal, emerged whole from the Beyond Within, after wending her way through the long, arduous journey of a soul seeking its ordained place in the universe of consciousness.

Her poetic sharing of this saga is not a "how-to" for others, and yet, the guideposts she encounters along her way will be recognized as true for many another serious seeker. Kathleen shows us that it is possible to do this work alone- it is a long, hard road and very, very demanding, but it can be done. The reader will identify with the strident resistances thrown up by the forces within Kathleen as the struggle for wholeness ensues. And who will not hear her pain as their own as she cries, "I did not want ugliness in my world," for who of us has not struggled to dismiss that which we mistakenly view as "ugliness" in our own dreams?

As she shares with us the events in her outer life along with the inner reality of her dreams, we see spun out the intertwining of these two throughout the years of her journey. Through this intertwining, she comes to see that warning, training and healing lie within her dreams' magic. As she works her  way  through  the  myriad  complexities within

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