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Dreams reflecting upon
the nature of the

Sundance Community
Dream Journal


      In  the  subscription  notice  for our  journal,  there
was the following suggestion:

      "Invite  your   dreams  to  reflect  upon  your
subscription. One method of doing so, tested in
the  A. R. E.   Dream  Research   Project,   is  as
follows:    Write    a    letter    to   your   dreams,
expressing your interest in knowing them better.
Ask   your   dreams   how  your  participation  in
Sundance  Community  Dream  Journal  might
affect   you   and  your  dream  life.   Wrap  your
dream  letter  with  this subscription notice, and
place under your pillow for a night or two. Send
any     resulting     dreams     along     with    your
subscription,      stating      whether     we     have
permission to publish the dream in the Journal."

      Below  are some of the dreams received.  We chose
to publish initially  those  dreams  that most obviously
reflected   some   aspect   of   the   journal  experiment,


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